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GenuLine Online Theory

Course Credit: 2 hours

Introducing the GenuLine Technique, by SofTap®. The most gentle way to create crisp, beautiful hair strokes with a hand tool. Glide through your procedures with our new GenuLine needles and let SofTap® Color do the rest! This method gives clean hairstrokes with a gentle touch. 

SofTap® has experimented over the past year to give technicians a more elegant solution to hairstrokes. Use the new GenuLine needles to create the most gentle, natural look! These needles are: Easy for technicians to learn, comfortable for clients and practitioners, wonderful to create superfine hairstrokes, and has an even color deposition.

This course includes: 

At the end of the course, you may take the final exam to earn your certificate in the theoretical component of the hairstrokes class. This class will remain available to you at all times, even after you have completed and passed the quiz at the end of the course. Take the theoretical component online now!

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