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New Jersey Examination for Entry-Level SofTap Professionals

Course Credit: 2 hours

New Jersey state exam for SofTap professionals. This exam is not required in other states.

Completion/passing of this test is not considered valid until students have met the following prerequisites.


 -    Prior to attempting this test, students must complete a course of study in the field of permanent cosmetics of not less than 50 hours at the fundamental level.  If less than 50 hours, continuing education specific to the industry must be accumulated to achieve 50 hours total.
-    During the above 50 hour training, a minimum of 15 procedures must be completed with the supervision of a SofTap Trainer
   SofTap Trainers are listed at:

-    A personally attended (or approved online) Bloodborne Pathogens Standard class must have been taken within the past two years. Classes should be industry-specific and a minimum of two hours in length. Infection Control for Body Art on is sufficient. Other classes must be OSHA standard if the candidate works in the US.

If a student has fulfilled the above requirements and passes this exam, he/she will be allowed to apply for a permit to work as a permanent cosmetic artist in the state of New Jersey.


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Cost: $500.00

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